15 years



The exhibition Puppets in the Hospital 2011 can be seen in Brno from May 2 to the end of June! The Children's Hospital in Černopolí is hosting an exhibition in Teyschl's hall, and the photos on the panels and on the walls above the heads of visitors look good here! Come and have a look or click here.

During the holidays, we will move the large-format photos to another hospital in Brno - in Bohunice. It is there that we are also starting to distribute our medicine!

Exhibition Puppets in the Hospital 2011

Throughout the year, photographer Miroslav Halada followed the activities of the association, their work in hospitals and tried to capture the atmosphere that the Puppets bring to the child patients in the hospital. "It wasn't always easy, the limit to where you can go with the lens is very fragile. I tried to be only a silent observer of the happenings in the department and transfer at least a drop of optimism that the Puppets convey to children in the photos," says photographer Miroslav Halada. In the coming months, the exhibition will travel to individual hospitals where the Puppets distribute their medicine in the hospital. The first hospital where it will be possible to see large-format photos will be the Thomayer Hospital in Krč, and the next one will be the Prague National University in Motola.

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