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Loutky in the hospital celebrates 15 years, and on that occasion the band of the same name prepared a new recording called Divočiny . The novelty features 14 children's songs from the author's workshop of Czech musicians who, together with puppeteers, have been helping hospitalized children and the elderly in hospitals and treatment centers for 15 years. The album also contains the current song Antivirus , which was created spontaneously in the JÁMOR studio during the spring recording. This song and others from the current recording can be heard live these days in medical facilities throughout the Czech Republic. The album is a gift for sick children and by purchasing the Wilderness CD you can support this great project.

Marka Míková, frontwoman of the band Zuby nehty, writer, director and principal of Loutek v hospil, together with other personalities of the Czech and Slovak music scene, is behind the compositions. The songs are mainly composed of those who have long-term cooperation with the non-profit organization. Pavla Jonssonová (Zuby nhyty), Kryštof Míka ( Iritující Pýchora) , Jana Tóthová (Tornado Lue), Jaromír František Fumas Palme ( Original Bureš), Jiří Hodina (Mantaban) or singers Krystyna Skalická and Sylvie Krobová. The resulting sound of the recording was prepared by Ondřej Ježek in the JÁMOR studio.

Record_Puppets_in_the_Jamor_1 hospital


I am sending you this

just to warm up

Go ahead, cops, sing merrily

somewhere in Mallorca

where the sun shines

Even when people are sitting

locked up at home

Everything will come back

i'm dancing in the living room

Everything will come back

I sing round and round...


Viruses swirl through the air

rather bats

they are to blame for this

it's like a bad dream

People are suffocating

Just let them try

we kiss again

I'll hug you again


Everything will come back

i'm dancing in the living room

Everything will come back

I sing round and round...


Puppets_in_the_hospital_Divoiny_CD_designThe CD is released on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Puppets in the Hospital group. "When we started, no one knew that we would visit almost 40 hospitals and clinics and that we would make 700 visits in a year. After humble beginnings at the Faculty Hospital in Motola, we managed to build an experienced and well-regarded ensemble, which today numbers 25 actors and musicians , whose art can encourage tens of thousands of children's patients and seniors during their daily visits in a year," says Marka Míková on the occasion of the release of the CD .

The members of the Loutky troupe can once again celebrate their anniversary in the hospital together with their viewers and listeners. The gates of medical facilities are open to visitors again after a pause caused by the pandemic. During individual visits, ensemble members must currently observe maximum hygiene measures, including disinfection of people, puppets and musical instruments. They use protective shields and masks. Where it is not yet possible to play in the room or in the playroom, the Puppets in the hospital visit their viewers at least under the windows of the hospital pavilions and in the gardens of the hospitals and hope that they will see a smile under their masks. Just for this occasion, a new outdoor performance, Šarivari, or the coronavirus piece, . Antivirus is part of it . In the same way, the other songs that the current recording contains were created for a theater performance that Loutky brings to hospitalized patients.


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