15 years



Even our puppeteers and musicians are locked up at home these days.

Like others, they help as much as they can. They sew masks, help on psychological crisis lines or shoot videos with songs and fairy tales to entertain everyone who cannot leave the house or the hospital bed. They often also take care of their loved ones. They try not to lose their good mood so that they can distribute it again as soon as possible where it is most needed.

It's not easy. With the cancellation of all cultural events and the closing of hospitals, some of our colleagues have lost all their income and are full of fears about what is to come. We are also trying to figure out how to help not only patients, but also our team.

So we prepare new productions together and repair existing equipment. We write texts, paint and draw. We are also preparing a new CD with songs, a new online game for children.¨

Last but not least, we create and make our activities available online: we then distribute current recordings and pearls from our archives on social networks and to hospitals where patients ask for us.

We are looking forward to being able to go out again for the little ones and for "our" old people! That is our mission.


You too can enjoy our work at least in electronic form at the moment!

• Visit our " Boredom in Bed " page (You will find here especially the online version of our professional audio projects)

• Download a set of games for a long time and play together

• Play recordings of our performances, readings of fairy tales, songs and skits that we have prepared for you online on social networks: Facebook and Youtube



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