15 years




Preventive measures closed one medical facility after another during March, and unfortunately our teams cannot go to hospitals at the moment. 

We know very well that any further infection is a very serious complication for the weakened organism of patients, but we also know that stories, songs and good humor are now more than ever missing in hospitals. We coordinate the next procedure with the responsible persons in the individual institutions and respect all instructions and measures. We are currently negotiating the conditions under which we will be able to start visiting hospitals before the ban on public visits is lifted.

We are currently preparing new productions and online content, we are helping with the sewing of masks and on new psychological lines, and we are looking forward to being able to go after the little marauders and "our" old ladies again!

We wish everyone to keep a good mood and don't forget to laugh even in these difficult days. 

Follow our online news on Facebook. Every day we bring at least a little entertainment for those who are locked up at home or in the hospital. Try our videos, spoken fairy tales, songs or even games for a long time !


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