15 years



Puppets in the hospital joins the European Night of Theaters project for the second time this year. In hospitals in Prague, Brno and Ostrava, they visit patients after dark with an exceptional program!


The team members have prepared special theater visits for the small audience confined to bed. They are going to transform the sleepy weekend atmosphere in the patients' rooms, but also through big shows in the playrooms and social rooms of the hospitals.

"We start just after dark on Saturday 11/16. then we visit individual hospital departments. We know well from last year that at the weekend, hospitals are especially sad and boring. Those who can at least a little are released on Friday, so every second bed is empty. The number of examinations is also smaller, so the time drags on even more than usual. When the last visitors leave the hospital, it is as if time has stopped completely for those who remain in the hospital. We are sure that this Saturday in November we will spin the hands of the clock to the fullest!” says Marka Míková, chairwoman of the Louty association at the hospital.

"As part of the Night of Theaters project, puppeteers and musicians will visit hospitals in Prague, Brno and Ostrava. The night of theaters in the Czech Republic has become one of the biggest theater holidays thanks to hundreds of events in about 40 cities and places in the Czech Republic, and we do not want to deprive hospitalized patients of it. I myself am looking forward to FN Motol, where I and my colleagues will administer our medicine," adds Marka Míková.

You can get acquainted with the work of Loutek in the hospital even if you are currently healthy. On December 7th, we are preparing the premiere of the performance Prodaná nevěsta in the Minor Theater as part of the pre-Christmas presentation of our work for the public.