15 years



We celebrated Photo_David_LVN_9the 30th anniversary of bone marrow transplantation in children at the Faculty Hospital in Zbiroha . A beautiful event and very strong emotions for everyone. So many happily fought stories in one place!

We knew some of the children and they knew us, no wonder, we saw each other regularly for many months! Sometimes we say goodbye at the bedside: so let's meet somewhere other than the hospital, and on Saturday it was possible ...

Here we congratulated not only the children who recovered, but also the doctors who consider our cooperation with the department to be very important. They belong to those with whom we started working together at the Motol hospital almost 15 years ago , when we first came to hospitals with our activities.

In the photo:

Katka and Kristýna together with Vendula Svobodová - Pizingerová, president of NF Drop of Hope, Prof. MD Jan Starý, DrSc. the head of the Department of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of the University of Warsaw and the Motol Medical University and the legend, prof. MD Otto Hrodkem, DrSc. the founder of modern Czech pediatric hematology.

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