15 years



Today we visited Zuzka again and noticed that she is more cheerful. We learned that she is a swordswoman. She was smiling and looking forward to singing. So we sang at one hundred and six because last time she couldn't sing yet and we enjoyed it. Well, at the very end, I touched my electric piano and it started playing a soundtrack by itself, and we started dancing. Zuzka actually started it and we gradually joined. And so today we danced in hematology and the nurses who walked by and saw us really giggled. In short, that doesn't just happen... just with Zuzka... and lying down

Down at the oncology department, I received a parrot from Eliška. Since I already have one at home, let there be two, so he won't be alone. I was very happy, because before leaving, Eliška peeled off all the plasters on the parrot so that he could leave healthy.

In the next room was Daša, who longs for the guitar so much. We played and sang, even though she wasn't very well today. And we also talked. About everything. Dasha then begged a dog and a cat for a while so that she could play with them for a while. And before leaving, Elišča's parrot even flew to see her.

We are thinking of you sweetie and wish you a speedy recovery!!!!


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