15 years




"Hello, this is Loutky in the hospital. Can we continue?" asks Marko and opens the door to the room in the hospital in Havlíčkobrod. "Yes, welcome, we can't wait for you, Ondra has been talking about you since morning," greets us the mother of the five-year-old boy, who is lying in the crib. We slip inside, pull out the piano, and Marko strums three notes on it: ta da da... "Do you know, Ondra, what kind of song it could be?" we ask. "The dog was jumping..." sputters the little patient. "Right!" And he's already getting a freshly sanitized rattle to join us as we jot down the song together. Ondra enjoys singing, but severe bronchitis makes it difficult for him.

IMG_20201112_132618"And what about this one?", Marko tries the first bars of Pójde to Betlém together. Ondra immediately adds Duudlaaj duudlaaj duudlaajdaaa. The Christmas atmosphere suddenly took over the room... Baby Jesus figure, I'll rock you, mom was already singing too. And on the hospital bed, a small crib appeared out of nowhere with a small baby in it. Maria immediately took him in her arms and started rocking him so that he wouldn't wake up and Josef was watching over everything. Mainly to chattering sheep, which the shepherds brought from the pastures on a blue and white blanket to warm the innocent with their breath. Ondra's cuddly white dog also helped them. And the star in the sky brought the three kings to the farm to bow down to Jesus and give him their gifts. You could almost smell the incense in the air... And suddenly there was a Christmas tree and another carol. We all started looking forward to being home with our loved ones on Christmas Day. However, not all children are so lucky during this period, and that is why we have prepared a new performance of the Journey to Christmas with brand new puppets just for them.

And there were also puppet devils. Even though they are good old guys, they have earned a little respect. "This year I drew a tractor in my letter to Santa. If he brings it to me, I will help my dad a lot," Ondra confided. "Thanks to you, he will probably look forward to coming here next time! Thank you very much", mother said goodbye to us. Ondra happily waved at us and unwrapped the presents we had left for him to shorten his wait for the real Santa Claus.

Your Puppets! 

Puppets in the hospital - Devils in Havlíčková Brod near OndraPlease also help us during the Advent and Christmas holidays. Your support is very important for sick children! It is only thanks to the help of donors that we can regularly distribute our medicine in healthcare facilities even at this time. Thank you very much!





How is the new Christmas show for Puppets in the Hospital created? 


Mikuláš in the Faculty Hospital in Motol